Sandusky County Dog Warden

Kelly Pocock, Chief Dog Warden

Canine Pets For Our Military Vets

How The Alpha Project works:

This is a very simple program designed to give back to Veterans by sponsoring an adoption for them at the Sandusky County Dog Kennel. They have been heroes for us, it’s our turn to be a hero for them.


By donating the cost of the adoption you are providing a Veteran with the gift of companionship. Your sponsorship is earmarked for a Veteran only and will never be used for anything else. When the Veteran comes to the kennel, they choose the dog they think will fit them best. If they don’t find a dog to fit them that day, they can continue returning to the kennel until they find one that does. Included in the adoption fee is the spay/neuter, 4 in 1 vaccine, 1 year rabies vaccine, heartworm test, deworming and current year dog license.

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Veteran Adoption:

Thank you, and thank you for allowing us to show our gratitude to you in such a special way. Please understand, this is not a handout. It’s a gift given to you to thank you for the sacrifice you have made to this country. If you would like to accept this gift, you simply need to choose one of the adoptable dogs we have here at the kennel. There are a couple forms we will need you to fill out. We need a copy of your most recent DD214 and a copy of your driver’s license/ID. We would love for you to participate in allowing us to photo-graph you and your new side kick, but we also understand if you are more of a private person, and we respect that.

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Kennel Dogs:

Most of the dogs here at the kennel come here as a stray. For those dogs, we have limited information about their demeanor, temperament and behavior. The kennel staff do our best to learn as much as we can about each dog, but we cannot guarantee the health or behavior of any of our kennel dogs. These dogs are NOT Service Dogs, they are a pet and a companion for you. We are a FULL DISCLOSURE facility, if we know something about one of our dogs, then that information will be passed on to the potential owner.